How to Care for your Pearls

Pearls are porous and, therefore, caring for your pearls is very important. Without the right care, the natural beauty and value of your pearls may be diminished.

When wearing pearls, these necessary precautions should be adopted:

  • Apply your makeup and perfume before you put on your pearls.
  • Wipe pearls down after wearing with a warm, damp soft cloth to remove any residual body oil, makeup or perfume.
  • Use mild soapy water to clean your pearls before leaving them to dry on a soft cloth.


  • Situations which will scratch or damage the pearl's nacre.
  • Dehydration by storing your pearls in air-tight/moisture free environments.
  • Subjecting pearls to excessive heat and/or strong sunlight.
  • Exposing pearls to acids such as vinegar or cleaning agents containing ammonia or chlorine, bleaching agents or inks.